Manifesto about yellow vests movement: download pdf





In a few weeks, the Movement of the yellow vests has spread throughout France and other countries of the world, reflecting a general discontent with the institutions. Ideological groups of right and left, threaten to destroy the essence of this Movement, as they did with other social movements. In this context, we have considered it suitable to draft this Manifesto that can serve to guide this Movement, so as to increase the pressure towards the institutions so that they serve the general interest.


The principles we propose for the yellow vests Movement are the following:

The yellow vests Movement is a protest against an unfair system, which has as a priority to maintain the abuse of the minority over the majority (abusecracy). A declining system, where every day we live worse.

• It is a popular way of demanding that priorities change so that institutions defend the general interest.

• The institutions “THEY DO NOT REPRESENT US”, because they represent a corrupt system, defend their own privileges and, in addition, those of a minority that they favor with laws and with our money. They use our money to enrich themselves and to cover up corruption, instead of using it to avoid it. Public officials are a METAMAFIA that represents the abusecracy that is the biggest problem of all.

• Therefore, this Movement has no relation to ideologies or ideological claims. Numerous thinkers argue that ideologies contain falsehoods and that they have been created to manipulate the masses, in order to maintain the privileges of a ruling minority. Because of this, the right and the left are part of the problem and are incompatible with the solution.

• Because of the above, this Movement has no representatives, although there are frauds who claim that they are.

• Therefore, this Movement does not have web pages or social networks, although anyone can create a page.

• Therefore, this Movement can not negotiate with the politicians and the protests will continue as long as the institutions (metamafia) continue without defending the general interest.


This protest is an opportunity for non-profit organizations in the social sector that work to change the system. It is an opportunity to publish your proposals, because this Movement is increasing the percentage of people open to change the system.


We can all participate, at least, in four ways in the World yellow vests Movement:

• Attending the demonstrations that are organized.

• Hanging a yellow vest on the balconies of the houses as is already done in France.

• Wearing a yellow vest when we enter public buildings or attend mass shows.

• Wearing a yellow vest on Saturdays even if we do not attend a demonstration.


We must maintain the Movement of the yellow vests, while the institutions continue defending the abuse. 


Are we entering a post-democracy era or the era of the greatest slavery?


We all make a worse world, but more and more people are involved in changing it, although they tend to lack adequate guidance.


Javier Marzal

Chair (President) of the International Association to Change the World


Manifesto about yellow vests movement: download pdf