Transition to the new system

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) should serve as a basis for changing the governance system, although it should be modified, eliminating any reference to the State. For this reason, we have published the following document:

Manifesto on Human Rights


Institutional corruption has contaminated the social sector. Since it is necessary for the social sector to replace the public sector in order to avoid decline and create progressive societies, it is necessary that previously, we prevent the public sector from continuing to promote corruption in the social sector.

To explain this serious problem and how to solve it, we have published the following document:
Manifesto for the independence of the social sector


To avoid worse consequences of the decline of democracies, we must accelerate the transition from the social sector to the public sector. Among other ways, we suggest the following:

Manifesto about social sector financing

Manifiesto about promotion of work in social sector

The social sector and the media have the obligation to spread and explain the content of these manifestos.