In phases 2nd and 3th, we create social movements that promote concrete changes of global interest. These movements invite non-profit organizations and groups such as those on Facebook to participate.

Movements drive changes through petitions with signatures, which we then transfer to politicians in several countries and international organizations, as well as to the media and other organizations in the social sector.


A justice system is necessary for the proper functioning of any type of society.
While it is a public monopoly, it is necessary to create new mechanisms that increase the compliance of the laws by the judges that are the fundamental part of the judicial system. These new mechanisms will also have the function of preventing judicial corruption that exists in all the countries of the world.

In the 19th century there were already popular juries, but the practice indicates that, when judging members of the establishment, including public officials, the judges manipulate their action by eliminating the guarantees.

In countries such as Germany there are non-professional judges who supervise criminal proceedings, but the practice indicates that judges manipulate their action by eliminating guarantees.

On the other hand, there are non-profit organizations (NPOs) dedicated to protect certain types of groups, including victims of judicial corruption. These NPOs can perform both functions or participate in them, because they provide legal knowledge and because they defend legality.

2.- WARS

Wars are the greatest atrocity of the public sector, in addition to a political business; therefore, it is necessary that politicians can not declare war on other countries. One way is to make a referendum mandatory to attack another country.

We have already made a petition for the referendum to be obligatory and that is in


Taxation is one of the main tools to establish the values of a society and a fundamental part of its justice.

It is public and notorious, that in all countries of the world, taxes benefit the establishment, including the legislators themselves, and harm the majority, creating unjust societies.

Alike, consolidated companies are benefited by harming innovation and entrepreneurship, building decadent economies.

In addition, taxes are often used for public services useful to the establishment, including the public sector, which harm the majority.

Therefore, it is necessary to promote fiscal principles, both nationally and globally.