PROYECT 1 - STOP Judicial Corruption (2016)

1st PHASE  - Educational and Cultural Change (2017)

2nd PHASE - Social Change (from 2017)

3rd PHASE  - Change the governance system (from 2018)


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25th July 2017:

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The three phases of our activity have the following common objectives:

1.  Strengthen the emerging governance system of the current Information Age, that is, the power of citizens, mainly through their representatives in non-profit organizations that drive the change of system or the defense of the interests of Humanity

2.  Weaken the power of politicians who represent the interests of the establishment created by the decadent industrial system, harming the general interests and maintaining a dangerous system.

3.  Promote the transition from the predominant industrial system to the emerging system.


Our activities in PHASE 1 (cultural change) and PHASE 2 (social change) have the following objectives:

1.  Eliminate false beliefs and dogmas that support the establishment of the decadent system or replace them with the correct beliefs that support the emerging governance system. In other words, to promote a correct view of society that promotes participation in the emerging system, while diminishing the ignorance produced by the indoctrination and idiotization we are subjected to since we were born and that makes the decadent industrial system follow being predominant because the masses support it although they want to change it. Even increasing the small number of freethinkers regarding the governance system.

2.  Inform about our project, proposals and activities.

3.  Provide information on the little-known social sector revolution, including thousands of non-profit organizations, movements and groups in social networks, which are agents of change in the governance system, ie, forming the emerging system.

4.  Inspire more people and organizations to have innovative initiatives that entail structural social changes that facilitate the change of the governance system.

5.  Provide methodologies and procedures that other people and organizations can use for their change proposals.

6.  Make grow platforms for social change based on petitions with signatures collected (Avaaz, Change and WeMove EU) and communities for cultural change, for structural social change and for change of governance system. A growth based on creating powerful requests and encouraging participation by signing these petitions, as well as encouraging requests that involve structural changes in the world.


For this we use the following means and activities:

1.  This website, both for the information provided and for the ideas contained therein.

2.  The posts published in our 33 pages on Facebook in 33 languages.

3.  Divulgation of some publications of our founder.

4.  Videos on Youtube with our ideas.

5.  The initiatives of other people inspired by our activities.



Project 1:


Multiple Talents campaign for the most advanced groups: exceptionally gifted and home-schoolers 25th April 2017). Sent to more tan 250 exceptionally gifted and home-schoolers associations, in more tan 30 countries. Based in our Founder and President’s texts, where a different way of understanding mankind’s nature and our place in the world which affects our profesional and learning strategy is proposed.


The Multiple Talents and their business model (PDF)

Los talentos múltiples y su modelo empresarial (PDF)



Presentation Phase 1/3 - Cultural and educational change. Presentation of the International Association to change the World whose mission is to promote a change in the system of government in all countries of the world and in international organizations. Below is a YouTube video, it is a Spanish version with subtitles in English.


More videos on our YouTube channel: