Javier Marzal



"The way to change the world. Part 2 of 2".  www.thewaytochangetheworld.info. The emergent system in the Age of information. From Abusecracy to the social market democracy. A world of organizations (40 pages, available in Spanish and in English). You can open / download the PDF of our founder, with the ideas that led him to found the International Association to Change the World.



Related to the new management that Peter Druker announced “focused in the people”, specifically articles based on his own vision of talent: www.nuevomanagement.com (since 2007). Work “The Book of Talent” (2008) and three pages subsequent essay, published in several business media. Book “Abusecracy. Spain, a Country without Rights” (2011). “The Way to Change the World. Part 1 of 2” (2014), open / download PDF.


1.- World leader in Internet search engines of "autorresponsabilidad profesional" (professional self-responsibility) since 2012 and one of the world leaders in autorresponsabilidad (self-responsibility).
2.- Cited as a global precursor in Spanish of the "nuevo management" (new management, management and administration of organizations, public and private, with or without profit motive).
3.- "El libro del talento" (The talent book) was the main reference work of the chapter on companies of the 1st Foro Internacional sobre el Talento (1st International Forum on talent).



1.- Promoter and founder (15 September 2014) of the Association of the Rule of Law Professional’s Victims (AVIPED), of which he is President and its purpose is to put an end to the impunity with which these professionals’ crimes are treated

www.anviped.org.es (available in Spanish, English and German). Legal help to judicial victims, providing with relevant innovations.

2.- Promoter and founder (16th February 2015), with other associations, of the “Federación por la Razón del Derecho” which I lead and which finality is, in other ways, to end with the judicial system’s impunity and the adoption of the United Nations convention against corruption. www.frd.org.es

3.- Redaction, publication (15th March 2015) of the manifesto about judicial corruption. This manifesto includes several testimonies of the judicial system’s victims and other associations that work against this judicial corruption. (Available in Spanish, English and German).”Corruption’s mother is in the judicial power”.

"The mother of corruption is the judiciary" (Ex Spanish Judge Elpédio)


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