Transition to the new system


Manifisto on The Labor Revolution, Pensions and Subsidies - Basic Income

Technology is eliminating a large part of jobs and subsidies are eliminating the need to work, while at the same time a huge amount of work is required to change the synthetic material world, develop the Internet of Things and control corruption and institutional power. In this context, we propose a work and labour revolution centred on non-profit organisations in the social sector.


Manifesto about yellow vests movement

In a few weeks, the Movement of the yellow vests has spread throughout France and other countries of the world, reflecting a general discontent with the institutions. Ideological groups of right and left, threaten to destroy the essence of this Movement, as they did with other social movements.

Manifesto on Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) should serve as a basis for changing the governance system, although it should be modified, eliminating any reference to the State.


Manifesto for the independence of the social sector

Institutional corruption has contaminated the social sector. Since it is necessary for the social sector to replace the public sector in order to avoid decline and create progressive societies, it is necessary that previously, we prevent the public sector from continuing to promote corruption in the social sector.


To avoid worse consequences of the decline of democracies, we must accelerate the transition from the social sector to the public sector. Among other ways, we suggest the following:

Manifesto about social sector financing

Manifiesto about promotion of work in social sector

Article "They Do Not Represent Us" neither politicians nor the majority



7th decade of the Social Revolution
(2017). One of the great revolutions of the 20th century was the emergence of non-profit organizations, which make up the social sector. Today, the social sector is similar in size to the public sector of 120 years ago, making it an alternative to institutions.



Three things are necessary to make the transition to the new system:

1. To weaken the public powers of the current democracies, so that they accept to be replaced. As was done with the previous regime of the nobility / Church. The activities in the previous section perform these functions.

2. Strengthen the structures that will replace the current public powers, that is, strengthen the social sector. The activities in the previous section perform these functions.

3. Avoid corruption of the social sector by the public sector. We propose to make the social sector independent from the public sector, to prevent it from continuing to corrupt it. We developed this idea through the Manifesto for the independence of the social sector.



The social sector and the media  have the obligation to spread and explain the content of these manifestos.