Divulge our website and requests.

  Share our Facebook posts, post them in groups and increase the number of followers of our Facebook pages.

  It drives our social movements that make requests for signatures. Promote them through their disclosure, the request for participation of NPOs and in other ways described in this website.

  If you are a relevant media person as sportsman, singer, actor or a public character, you can make a big boost to this project.

  You can translate our requests (from one of our official languages: German, English or Spanish).

  You can inform the press of your country of our website and requests and provide us the email addresses of these media.

  You can demand our requests to politicians in your country and provide us with the e-mail addresses of these politicians.

  If you have an organized group you can collaborate in all the above ways.



The International Association to Change the World needs that a majority takes part in this big change, of similar dimensions as the former change from nobility/church to the current democracies.


We can all participate in this worldwide revolution in different ways:

  Cooperate with our campaigns, signing up our initiatives of signature collection and spreading them. 

  Signing in the plentiful signatures collecting to press governments and international bodies.

  onstituting NPOs.

  Joining these NPOs.

  Financing the NPOs which aim is the social change. We must be aware that majority earns or has more money than the privileged minority, including the wealthy people.

  Spreading the information about the social sector, especially about the NPOs that are changing the system.




Wealthy people and enterprises can grant large quantities and the rest of the people can grant smaller quantities.


The union of lots of people and small quantitiesmake the biggest strength and the biggest world’s capital


In the same way, inheritances can be donated, following the superwealthy’s initiative in “The Giving Pledge” alliance, who are donating the biggest part of their fortunes to NPOs.