Think Tank IAChangeTheWorld

Charter of principles

We are a creator of freethinking, private and independent, that provides ideas so that human activity be oriented towards the progress of humanity, so that each generation lives better than the previous one.

As many authors have argued, ideologies are based on falsehoods and are used to deceive the masses for political aims. For that reason, the classic political and socio-economic ideologies drive the concentration of power, the authoritarianism and decline. We declare ourselves post-ideologies.

The current generations of young people are living worse than their parents, that is, we have declining societies. How is it possible that with the incessant increase in productivity provided by the business sector, every day we live worse? The only answer is that the public sector causes poverty.

We are aware of the failure of democracy, the public sector and international organizations, due to its intergovernmental nature. Public structures are illegitimate, incompetent, autoritharian, corrupt, dangerous and declining. Democracies and international organizations have become the greatest threat to humanity and to planet Earth. We declare ourselves post-democracy.

We are aware that structural problems are not known by most of people because their own dogmas impede it and the establishment hides them, making us believe that the consequences of these problems are the problems. In this way, public and private resources are used to alleviate the suffering caused by this corrupt society, instead of using them to substantially change the system. We declare ourselves proactive and not reactive.

The world needs revolutionaries because it is proven that ideas, laws and dominant interests are declining. The world needs revolutionaries because it is proven that public structures and intergovernmental organizations have as a priority to defend societies and international relations, which encourage a minority to abuse of the majority (abusocracy).

The world needs revolutionaries because we say that the solution is to substitute the public sector for the social sector, from centralism to decentralization, from conservatism to innovation, from reactivity to proactivity, from a parasitic system to meritocracy; in short, from declining societies to progressive societies.

We are revolutionaries because we do not defend abusocracy in any of its forms, not even democracy. We are revolutionaries because we do not believe in ideologies. We are revolutionaries because we propose ideas that can be useful for advancing political and socio-economic ideologies. Our ideas can give rise to a new liberalism and a new socialism, even to a new converging line of both ideologies. Our ideas can make ideologies disappear, replacing them with progressive ideas that take into account the new great reality that is the existence of the social sector.

We are revolutionaries because we propose a better social organization system. We are revolutionaries because we propose a way to organize human activity better than any of the known ones.

The current system is in the final phase of its disappearance and replacement. In this accelerated decline, each day is more dangerous and the longer we take to replace it, the more damage the current powers will do to resist its disappearance. Therefore, it is necessary to control authoritarianism as much as possible, as well as support the emerging structures of the social sector.

PDF: Charter of principles