Manifesto on corruption
International Day Against Corruption
December 9th



In the International Association to Change The World, we have written this Manifesto with the purpose of clarifying the nature of corruption. We make it public on this day, December 9th, which the United Nations has declared as the International Day Against Corruption, in recognition that it is a serious problem that exists in every country in the world. Tomorrow, December 10th, the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is celebrated. It seems that the United Nations indicates that human rights are the answer against corruption, because if something has been common in any type of system of government throughout history, that is corruption.

We can define corruption as the illegitimate use of power or as the abuse of power. Some authors point out that it pursues a private benefit, but this idea is too restrictive.

We can highlight the systemic corruption of the others. Systemic corruption exists when the public sector has as a priority that a minority takes advantage ofthe majority, for their own benefit. ... Continue reading: PDF "Manifesto on corruption"