2nd Excerpt From the Book
“The Way to Change the World”


Faced with the decline of the public sector, the privatization of the public sector is proposed, mainly in the social sector, creating the Social Market Democracy.


Some of the Different World Order’s features
1. Prioritization in collective progress and not in economic growth, not even in rich countries.
2. Globalization without borders.
3. “A World of Organizations” (Peter Druker) without administrative or
governmental structures. A world of free organizations and constant change, where initiatives, entrepreneurship and innovation are not obstructed. It is well known that on the balance between business organizations and NPOs, the business sector generates more employment, taxes and wealth than the social sector. Perhaps there should not be public police or Courts of Justice. A world where private organizations, with or without profit motive, represent all the humankind needs: organization, goods and services.

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