Institutions have changed the meaning of the word corruption and this sham can strengthen authoritarianism against new generations.

The word corruption, popularly, refers to the abuse of power, to benefit or harm one or the other, but institutions have changed this meaning. Transparency International and the United Nations have changed this concept, understanding it in a restrictive way, according to which the official has to benefit economically so that it be corruption. In this way, actions that harm third parties are excluded, but even more serious is the case of the public authority that encourages or maintains an abusive regime or abusecracy.

It is striking that the main global representative of the social sector in relation to corruption that is Transparency International and the main global representative of the public sector that is the UN, agree to adopt the same meaning to refer to corruption, this being so restrictive and contrary to its popular and scientific use (loss of property and integrity). ... Continue reading: PDF Article "They are deceiving us with corruption"