For the first time, in the European Elections of May 26, the two-party system has not reached an absolute majority. Some say that it is the result of the failure of the old policy.

If we review the background we can understand this result and reflect on the future.

Since the 1950s, social democracy has ruled in most European countries. His anthroposocial model is based on the welfare state.

The very name of welfare state produces an absolute intellectual rejection. Logically, if the public sector is responsible for the well-being of people, they lose self-responsibility in an integral manner, that is, responsibility for their inner (mental) life and their external life (private, professional and social), becoming automatons.


In the Charter of principles of the leftist World Social Forum of 2001, it is said that we are dehumanized and, by the aforementioned, the welfare state produces a high degree of dehumanization. ... Continue reading: PDF "The decline of bipartisanship in Europe"